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We offer a portfolio of best-in-class solutions for the automation of sorting processes.

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Prime Vision is a global leader in computer vision integration and robotics for fulfillment and logistics. As an award-winning company, Prime Vision designs and integrates solutions using the latest recognition, identification and robotics techniques to optimize the automation of sorting processes.

Decision System Solutions


Connecting infrastructure and handling decisions to recognized, identified and tracked items.

Smart Integration Management

Coding & Sorting Workflow Integration

Smart Coding

Video coding, Data intelligence & Analytics

Smart Station

Manual camera workstation

Smart Store

Parcel Image database

Prime Connect


Prime OT Security


Prime OT Cloud


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Computer Vision and AI Solutions


State of the art recognition, identification, interpretation of objects, images and text.

Address Vision

OCR/Optical Character Recognition

Barcode Vision

Barcode Reading

Customs Vision

International Label Reader

Indicia Vision

Indicia Recognition

Hazmat Vision

Dangerous Goods detection

Quality Vision

IQ card/ barcodes

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Robotics and Projection Sorting


Sorting parcels using mobile robots and Flow Projectors for a flexible and future proof sorting center.

Flow Projector

Projection Sorting

Robotic Sorting

Autonomous Sorting

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Continuity of critical processes

Protection & Care

Service contracts for software to customers and services through projects and integration. 

Prime Protect

Preventive Maintenance

Prime Care

24/7 Support

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