Hazmat Vision

Protect personnel and operations by minimizing the number of dangerous-goods items entering the automated sorting system.

Hazmat Vision

Safety first

Dangerous goods present many threats to personnel, automation solutions and facilities. Therefore the segregation and special handling of these goods is critical for maintaining safety. Clear labeling of parcels containing hazardous materials is a pre-requisite under the terms-of-carriage for most companies. Our Hazmat Vision application reduces the number of dangerous goods parcels entering the automated sorting system to a minimum.



  • Automatically identify and segregate dangerous goods
  • Protect people, automation solutions and facilities by minimizing manual handling of hazardous materials
  • Initiate safe shutdown upon detection of dangerous goods in the sorting environment
  • Cost efficient: uses customer’s existing camera identification system
Hazmat Vision

How Hazmat Vision works

Using the customer’s existing camera system in the sorting environment, Hazmat Vision automatically identifies dangerous goods and prevents them from entering the sorter by initiating a safe shutdown. An operator can then take appropriate action to have the item removed from the main sorting operation.

About Hazmat Vision

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Eliminate the possibility of errors

Until now, the separation of parcels containing dangerous goods depended on operators spotting the hazard labels on the parcel and making sure the parcel did not enter the mechanical sorting systems. Operators can be well-trained and vigilant, but they are still human beings, and so there is the potential for error. With Hazmat Vision, the possibility of errors is virtually eliminated.

Moreover, the solution is very cost-effective because it uses the customer’s existing camera identification systems on the sorter for this purpose.

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