Customs Vision

Customs Vision from Prime Vision increases efficiency in sorting centres for Cross-border parcels at lower cost.

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What is Customs Vision?

Most installed older OCR readers in parcel and postal distribution centers are unable to correctly recognize and process address- and CN 22/23 labels. Automatic sorting of these parcels therefore frequently fails, resulting in an increased manual-sorting effort and, in turn,  in increased cost of sorting and possible delays in delivery.. Customs Vision is the answer to those problems. 



  • Increased automation rate in automatic sorting
  • Less manual sorting needed and reduction of video coding costs
  • More efficient and effective sorting and recognition of custom data
  • Cost efficient investment with quick ROI
  • Usable as stand-alone solution or integrated with your existing OCR systems
  • Automated collection of CN 22/23 label information saving time in customs declarations
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How Customs Vision works

Our solution for international parcels ensures compliancy and efficiency

To get the system ready for use at clients’ locations, many thousands of (pictures of) illegible addresses from individual countries on the neural network have been fed into the Customs Vision’s database. This is how the system has learned the formats, regularities and connections within the address formats, lowering the number of failures in scanning the labels and sorting the parcels. Parcels can now be sorted faster and more accurate at lower cost.

About Customs Vision

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Save time with Customs Vision

Customs Vision improves the efficiency of the sorting phase of the delivery process and saves much time and effort in customs declarations by collecting and registering the information on the CN 22/23 labels. The solution helps cutting cost of manual labor and speeding up delivery of cross-border parcels to their end destination.

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