Prime OT Cloud

Turn local resources into a secure, extendable cloud.

Prime OT Cloud

What is Prime OT Cloud?

Increasingly complex software systems and a combination of modern and legacy systems make managing and securing infrastructure at each operation site difficult.

How it works

Prime Vision can be your partner in implementing state-of-the-art Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) technology that intertwines your on-premises servers to deliver greater resiliency, redundancy, speed, and efficient use of resources, effectively creating a private cloud from your existing infrastructure. Furthermore, Prime OT Hosting can extend to the public cloud when mission-critical computing needs exceed local hardware capacity.

Prime OT Hosting is the preferred hybrid cloud solution for already several postal operators today, and it helps them address key challenges like security and increasingly stringent privacy regulations. Creating a shared network of servers helps us centralize and enforce better security practices while giving your mission-critical applications an automatic failover mechanism to stay online. Prime OT Hosting allows you to keep your data on-premises and only escalate workloads, so your sorting center can always remain GDPR compliant.

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