Smart Station

Non-machinable items are still handled manually, but vast amounts of time are saved by using OCR, eliminating manual data-entry.

Save time on non-machinables

What is Smart Station?

The Smart Station solution is perfectly suited to handle non-machinable items, using the existing OCR/video coding process to save manual data-entry time and costs. It is designed to produce the best quality images. This is especially relevant in cross-border shipments, as the import stream contains many small items, that are wrinkled, wrapped in plastics, or have poorly printed labels. For this category, a robust image capture set-up is needed.



  • Faster handling of cross-border shipments
  • Easy to integrate with existing or new OCR- and video-coding systems
  • High-resolution image acquisition
  • Integrated barcode reader
  • Easy to install and operate
See how it works, watch this video

How it works


Non-machinable items are manually presented to the existing OCR/video-coding process


Camera built into a desk/horizontal surface for easier handling


Image acquisition via touchscreen or by touching a pedal


Sort the items to their next location

About Smart Station

All insights and benefits

In this brochure you’ll find out:

  • All the benefits of Smart Station
  • Why Smart Station is the best solution
  • Find out if Smart Station is beneficial to your company


Find all insights and benefits.

Smart Station, advantages

High quality images lead to a higher OCR performance and maximize the number of items that can be coded by video coding operators.

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