Smart Coding

A graphical user interface (GUI) for coding images, with smart-keying and multiple levels of built-in quality control.

A GUI with much, much more

What is Smart Coding?

At its heart, the Smart Coding solution is a graphical user interface (GUI) that presents one or more images to an operator for review and coding. The functionality is much more than that, though. Smart Coding includes features such as smart-keying, quality control that checks the reasoning of keyed data and quality control that verifies the accuracy of the keyed input. Smart algorithms pre-locate possible label locations and automatically rotate and zoom for the user.


The benefits of Smart Coding

  • Local, central, cloud-based, offshore
  • Smart-keying functionality
  • Built-in quality control
  • Address database integration
  • Training modes
See how it works, watch this video

How Smart Coding works


One or more pictures are taken from labels on letters or parcels.


If OCR is unable to read the label, it is automatically sent to the Smart Coding platform.


Coders correct or add additional data.


Results are immediately sent back to the sorting center, so the item can be sent to the right destination.


A dashboard shows the number of coders logged in, the number of items coded, the quality of the results and it is possible to download daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports.

About Smart Coding (as a Service)

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Get the highest coding performance delivered as a service

Smart Coding as a Service (SCaaS) is a service-based coding concept built with the latest coding technologies. Achieve the highest level of coding performance right from the start with this solution, at a competitive price per coded item and according to agreed KPIs.

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