Staff shortages

Solutions that help staff work more efficiently

Solutions for staff shortages

Many of Prime Vision’s solutions help address staff shortages. Whether the issue is the number of staff, or staff who are under-trained, we offer several options.

Both Robotic and Projection Sorting significantly reduce the need for staff. Thanks to the Flow Projector, manual sorting efficiency increases by up to 40%, while sorting with robots can boost one person’s productivity by up to 10 times compared to manual sorting.


Staff shortages

100% effective staff from the start

With the Flow Projector, there is no more need to read or memorize (address/route) lists. This system projects a pointer (for example, a number) onto the item to be sorted, so the employee can see at a glance which destination the item should be sorted to. It also eliminates the need to manually scan barcodes. The Flow Projector makes sure that imperfectly trained staff, for example temporary or contract workers, can be 100% effective right from the start.

Deployment of our Address Vision solution instead of manual coding reduces the need for employees to manually enter data from rejects, as Address Vision allows many more labels to be read. Outsourcing the manual coding department to a central or off-shore coding service can also help reduce the need for employees.

Motivate the people in the sorting process by supporting them with our Robin sorting robots, both physically and mentally: with the use of these AMRs, your employees will have to walk less and save their backs and joints by lifting less.

Staff shortage, keeping staff motivated, quickly to deploy solutions.

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