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Solutions & products especially for the postal market.

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Solutions & products especially for
the Postal market

The Postal market is characterized by a decline in letter volumes. This decrease causes higher demand for automation of the sorting process in order to become more cost efficient and reduce unit cost.


How to handle large volumes

Due to considerable margin pressures, it is wise to routinely audit whether your operational strategy is best fit for volumes handled. Sometimes the answer is more automation, however, sometimes the most efficient solution is a manual process augmented by technology to ensure speed and quality control.

Although the number of letters has declined over the past few years, the global postal automation system market is expected to increase by an average of 6.3% per year between 2017 and 2023.

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Smart Integration Management

Coding & Sorting Workflow Integration

Smart Coding

Video coding, Data intelligence & Analytics

Prime Connect


Prime OT Cloud


Text Vision, Address Vision

OCR/Optical Character Recognition

Barcode Vision

Barcode Reading

Indicia Vision

Indicia Recognition

Flow Projector

Projection Sorting

Robotic Sorting

Autonomous Sorting

Prime Protect

Preventive Maintenance

Prime Care

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