Prime Connect

Leave local network maintenance in good hands

Leave local network maintenance in good hands

What is Prime Connect?

Prime Connect is the flexible Managed LAN of choice to cover all operation sizes, from local retail stores to large sorting centers.

How it works

Streamline your local network management with Prime Connect. Relieve your IT staff from time-consuming tasks and let Prime Vision set up and continuously monitor and update secured firewalls, connections, VPN tunnels, and local integrations. With 30+ years of experience as a Systems Integrator for medium and large postal operators, Prime Vision has a proven track record of maintaining critical operational technology (OT) systems on site, online, secure, and up to date. Our network specialists will design your Managed Local Area Network to maximize reliability and security, including device management, switches, and firewalls. We monitor:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Storage use
  • Session use
  • Device temperature
  • Interface utilization

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