Sorting Capacity

Solutions that provide flexibility in the sorting process

Sorting capacity

Solutions for flexibility in your sorting operation

If you are looking for flexibility in your sorting operation, you have come to the right place at Prime Vision. Controlling sorting machines according to the latest sorting plans, rerouting in case of peak volumes (dynamic sorting), simulating new designs for sorting plans, implementing sorting plans that change from day to day. With our software and analytical tools, we can custom design and implement virtually any configuration for you.

When it comes to flexibility in hardware, Prime Vision’s Robotic Sorting system is one of the solutions. This system only requires a suitable floor for installation; no major modifications to property or infrastructure are necessary. Also, with the Robin robots, the system can be quickly scaled up and down.

For manual sorting (e.g. to vans), our Flow Projector can display any sorting direction on a parcel. This could change from day-to-day as delivery routes change.

Flexible sorting solutions, sorting plans, sorting capacity.

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