Barcode Vision

Enhanced barcode reading solution to minimize no-reads and prevent revenue loss due to time-consuming fallback processes.

Curb barcode no-reads

What is Barcode Vision?

Wouldn’t it be nice if all barcodes in your operation were read without fault? Unfortunately, reality is often not as optimal as we would like. Printers run out of ink, labels get torn, folded or scratched, and objects are not always flat, all of which can lead to barcode no-reads and hundreds of thousands of euros in lost revenue. Our Barcode Vision solution looks at the barcode reading from the specific customer’s point of view, allowing two-thirds of initially rejected items to be read accurately.



  • Minimize no-reads
  • Minimize time-consuming (manual) fallback processes
  • Considerable yearly savings
  • In-house image database
  • Always tailor-made to customer’s demands
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How it works


We find the reason(s) for failed primary readings


Combine techniques from our toolkit to achieve successful secondary readings


Implement Barcode Vision for second-attempt reading (primary reader stays in place)


Fine tuning to the desired number of good-reads (high enough) and no-reads (low enough)


Provide a configuration tool for customer to manage their own image database & add new objects immediately

About Barcode Vision

All insights and benefits

In this brochure you’ll find out:

  • All the benefits of Barcode Vision
  • Why Barcode Vision is the best solution
  • Find out if Barcode Vision is beneficial to your company


Find all insights and benefits in our (free) brochure.

Barcode reader

Barcode Vision is intended as a second attempt to read a barcode from an object, which occurs only after the primary barcode reader has failed to read the barcode. A configuration tool allows customers to manage their own image bank so that all new objects can be added at short notice.

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