Prime OT Security

We keep the highest security standards

Prime OT Security

What is Prime OT Security?

Prime Vision’s integrated approach to security permeates every Prime Vision product. We keep the highest security standards by delineating clear domains with different needs and concerns.

How it works

Our framework identifies three key domains: Infrastructure, Pipeline, and Workload.

  • In the infrastructure layer, we ensure that the computers, cloud environments, and hard disks that run our software use best-in-class techniques to secure network access, cloud provider access, and Data Encryption. Prime Vision has enterprise expertise in addressing complex, high-availability infrastructural challenges, which you can read more about in Prime OT Cloud and Prime Connect.
  • In the Pipeline layer, we scan for vulnerabilities at all system levels, such as the code, container image, function, and infrastructure as code levels. This means that the integrated development process has built-in security quality gates that ensure that anything that goes to production is indeed secure enough to leave our build servers.
  • In the Workload layer, we monitor services in production and ensure that we fend off runtime threats like ransomware attacks and increasingly sophisticated computer viruses. At this layer, we ensure that services have appropriate authentication and authorization mechanisms, automatic refreshing of access tokens, and OS patching. These continuous checks ensure that we provide top performance and proactively detect and prevent production vulnerabilities.


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