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Behind every success is a great team.

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Headquartered in Delft, the Netherlands, more than 170 experts provide comprehensive market and domain knowledge to digital companies around the world.


Prime vision is led by a skilled management team with extensive experience in the industry.

Eddy Thans

Eddy Thans


Eddy has been leading the company since 2000 and has been responsible for the transformation from a research department to a successful international company.

With a Master in Physics, Finance and Fiscal Advisory you can immediately see where that leads to: creating a successful technology business. Blending these capabilities, provides Eddy with one of the most unique and applied experiences in the market.

Eddy is responsible for strategy, finance and HR.

Hans Kamperman

Hans Kamperman


Hans Kamperman joined Prime Vision in 2002.

After his Electrical Engineering Master study for which he passed with honor, Hans started his career at Prime Vision as project and IT manager. He headed the initial group of software and support engineers.

Hans was instrumental in closing the first DHL contract which is now one of our largest customers.

Hans is responsible for all activities serving Prime Vision’s customers in both projects and support services.

Dirk van Lammeren

Dirk van Lammeren


Dirk van Lammeren joined Prime Vision in 2019.

With a Master in Business Administration combined with an extensive international experience in innovation and new technologies, Dirk has 20 years experience in the postal and parcel industry, creating a firm background to take the company to the next level.

Dirk is responsible for global sales, marketing and service management.

Sales team

Most of the time, your first contact with Prime Vision is with one of the members of our sales team. The team members are experienced and highly skilled and always there for you, whatever your challenges may be.

Project managers

If you have worked with Prime Vision before, you know that we do not work for but together with the customer. You are in charge from the beginning to the end. We are often praised because we are nice to work with and we are proud of that! Our project management team is an important part of that experience.

Service managers & consultants

The Prime Vision Service Managers stand for excellent services at the highest possible quality and efficiency. They are ready to help you overcome any troublesome challenges or structural incidents or maybe, just to give you advice on how to implement changes that will improve the reliability and sustainability of your essential business and operational processes.

Service desk team

For peace of mind, Prime Vision specialists are always on-hand for those times when for whatever reason things are not running so smoothly.

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