Quality Vision

A fully automated early-warning system for camera degradation.

Important components of a sorting line

What is Quality Vision?

The camera is one of the most important components of a sorting line; whenever there is an issue with it, the rest of the chain will be immediately affected. Quick detection of camera degradation is therefore vital. Prime Visions unique Quality Vision solution does just that: it offers a fully automated early-warning system for camera degradation, specifically designed for common vision applications such as destination OCR, automated Object Detection, Video Coding and much more.


The benefits of Quality Vision

  • 24/7 automated monitoring of camera image quality
  • Deficit detection at the moment they occur
  • Direct translation of the camera performance to the operational process
  • Accurate and objective measurements of relevant camera features (focus, illumination, deformation, etc…)
How it works

How Quality Vision works

Quality Vision consists of physical test objects and a software-analysis suite. The test object is recorded by the camera, followed by the analysis software that automatically detects the object in the image and will perform image-based measurements on the object. The result is a summary of the most important image features.

About Quality Vision

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What makes Quality Vision special?

It runs your site-specific Computer Vision solutions on the test object. This directly informs you how the performance of the Computer Vision solution is affected by the camera quality. Any drop in performance caused by camera degradation will be detected immediately when the test object is processed, allowing for quick intervention. The detailed image-quality measurements help engineers to efficiently find the root cause of the degradation.

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