Robotic sorting

Sort your parcels using mobile robots for a flexible and future proof sorting center.

Autonomous sorting solution

What is Robotic Sorting?

Robotic Sorting is an autonomous sorting solution designed by Prime Vision to create a flexible and future proof sorting center.

Most sorting centers are static and lack flexibility to easily adapt to changing circumstances. Robotic Sorting gives you the ability to change any sorting center into a smart and flexible sorting center. Instead of fixed chutes, future sorting centers makes use of intelligent robots autonomously making sorting decisions for parcels. All that is needed is a flat surface and in a few days your robots are good to go!

The benefits of Robotic Sorting
  • Increased productivity and throughput of parcels
  • Flexible and easily scalable solution
  • Short implementation time
  • Staff shortages are no longer a problem. Handle higher volumes with less people.
  • Low investment compared to traditional fixed sorting centres


Robotic Sorting

How Robotic Sorting works


The operator scans the parcel


The operator places the parcel atop of the robot


The robot calculates the optimal path and departs


The robot arrives at its destination


The robot rolls the parcel into a chute or waits for an operator

About Robotic Sorting

All insights and benefits

In this brochure you’ll find out:

  • All the benefits of Robotic Sorting
  • Why Robotic Sorting is the best solution
  • Find out if Robotic Sorting is beneficial to your company


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The operator sets it in motion

An operator scans the parcel and then manually places it onto a small conveyor that sits atop of the robot. At the same moment, the robot determines that it has a parcel and based on the barcode information, a destination within the warehouse is determined. This exit will be matched to the robot, which then calculates how to best find the destination and starts to roll.


The robots do the work

Behind the barcode, there is an address, and behind that, there is a sorting plan. The robot chooses the optimal path, based on where it has to go to, and as fast as possible. The robot takes into account other robots operating in the warehouse and accordingly deviates from any path already claimed by another robot. Nothing has been installed on the floor, the robots make the calculations themselves.

Once the robot has navigated the route and successfully arrived at its destination, it can either roll the parcel into a chute or wait for an operator to manually remove the package. To extend the autonomous process a step further, a robotic arm that operates in synchronization with the robots is in development.

Is your sorting center ready for the future?

The solution is incredibly easy to scale-up. Throughput can be increased by simply adding more robots, or extending the network through additional warehouses. The key to the system is simplicity.

The solution can scale up or down one robot at a time. And with this comes robustness. – Because if a single robot fails, it’s only that. One robot. The operation will not fail or even halt. Quite simply, the next robot takes over the task.

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