Text / Address Vision

Reduce error rates caused by illegible addresses and cut costs for manual handling by using Text and Address Vision.

Improving the read rate of mail and parcels

What is Text /Address Vision?

Many mail pieces cannot be processed automatically because the address is not complete, incorrect, damaged or not visible. These items must therefore be handled manually, leading to additional processing costs. Prime Vision offers several ways to increase the read rates and reduce the error rates on letters and parcels. For handwritten items we developed Text Vision, which can improve the read rate by 30%. Address Vision reduces the number of pieces that need to go to video coding by 10%.


  • Increases read rates and decreases error rates on letters and parcels
  • Even the most difficult mail can be read
  • Fewer items are sent to video coding
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How Text Vision and Address Vision works

Using the latest AI techniques, we manage to read the most difficult mail pieces. Our Text Vision/Address Vision is a comprehensive solution, complete with recognition-process chain. It incorporates region-of-interest finding capabilities as well as the ability to interpret images and addresses.​


About Text Vision and Address Vision

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Character recognition, core technology

Text Vision is designed based upon Prime Vision’s core technology in the field of character recognition and machine vision. As part of an ongoing research program, we invest heavily in the continuous development of Vision Technology, ensuring that we maintain our position as a leading global recognition developer.

By aiming to be at the forefront of recognition technology, this translates into higher performance for our clients and the ability to deliver increasingly tailored solutions.

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