Indicia Vision

Accurately read over 95% of stamps, logos and other markers on letters and parcels for revenue protection.

How Indicia Vison works

Fast and accurate recognition

Besides address labels, our Indicia Vision solution reads stamps, franking marks, logos and other images printed onto letters and parcels. Our R&D team has developed and refined techniques, which allow our customers to increase their read rates significantly. The automatic recognition of printed items is fast and accurate. Depending on the case, the read rate on stamps could exceed 99%, whilst the error rate may be minimized to close to 0.



  • Cost savings through revenue protection applications (e.g. detection of under-stamped mail)
  • Recognition of individual or multiple indicia
  • Identification of more than 95% of stamps
  • Customer manages own database with stamp configuration tool
  • Module can be integrated in existing systems
How it works

Our solution for Indicia recognition


Image descriptions are compared to those stored in a database


Comparisons are being kept up-to-speed by innovative searching techniques


As more target objects and image descriptors are stored, applicability and detection increase while error probability decreases


The full image area is used, so even very similar objects can be distinguished


Additional OCR-techniques read text for the purpose of validation and/or data gathering

About Indicia Vision

All insights and benefits

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We make use of the latest techniques

Over 1.000 stamps can be logged in the system. Our solution reaches these fantastic performance figures within a low processing time. For the validation of the detection result new techniques are used that compare the object with a reference image over the full image area. This ensures that even very similar objects can be distinguished with high certainty. Additional OCR techniques will read text in the objects for the purpose of validation or data gathering.

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Cost savings  

Next to being accurate, Indicia Vision of Prime Vision offers postal organizations the potential for considerable cost savings. Not only does it reliably automate another process, it also enables revenue protection to be carried out automatedly, as under-paid mail to be detected and customers can then be charged for the difference in price. And, in common with all Prime Vision developments, this capability is supplied as a module that can be integrated into already existing systems.

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