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Visualizing parcel data

What is Smart Store

Prime Vision’s Smart Store is a hybrid system that uses and complements image intelligence to deliver maximum impact to your operation. Besides becoming your central image archive of choice, Smart Store utilizes your existing infrastructure to add state-of-the-art vision systems to make the most of the asset images taken in your sorting process. By selecting any of our advanced Computer Vision modules, you can let Smart Store process the images and aggregate the essential information in a central control center. This solution is ideal for managers and operations officers to get a data-driven snapshot of the quality of your sorting processes.



  • Easy to identify items by looking at a picture instead of reading information on a label
  • Easy tracking of items
  • Can be used as proof-of-delivery
  • Capacity of several millions of images and metadata per day
  • Meets high security demands
See how Smart Store works

How it works

Smart Store begins its magic by connecting with your sorting centers. The typical installation uses a local server to connect to your local Smart Integration Management (SIM) platform and extract pictures and metadata from your sorting operation. We repeat this for every sorting center we want to centralize data from. We can then apply your Machine Learning models of choice locally and upload the desired processed images and model results to the Central Smart Store. There, we aggregate the data, make it securely available for distribution, and provide you with evidence-based insights from your entire operation.

About Smart Store

All insights and benefits

In this brochure you’ll find out:

  • All the benefits of Smart Store
  • Why Smart Store is the best solution
  • Find out if Smart Store is beneficial to your company


Find all insights and benefits in the brochure.

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