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What is Smart Store

Prime Vision’s Smart Store is a hybrid system that uses and complements image intelligence to deliver maximum impact to your operation. The Smart Store is your central image archive of choice, being able to connect to multiple sorting centers, processing images, and uploading them to a central site. This ensures that your organization makes the most of the asset images taken during the sorting process. Processing the images before uploading ensures that your cloud hosting costs are kept to a minimum while keeping data availability for your entire organization at a maximum.  



  • Retail units can use sorting pictures to ease parcel pickup
  • Pictures can be used as proof of delivery
  • Maximum-security image storage
  • Scalability for millions of images per day
  • Lower cloud costs by selecting and processing images on-site
  • Easily integrate information from new business units
  • Push all information to the cloud or fetch from local archives, depending on local infrastructure
  • Cloud-hosting costs visible per business unit
See how the Smart Store works

How it works

The Smart Store begins by connecting with your sorting centers. The typical installation uses a local server to connect to your local Smart Integration Management (SIM) platform and extract pictures and metadata from your sorting operation. This could also be your local archive server, if you have any. We repeat this for every sorting center from which we want to centralize data, sending it to the Central Smart Store. There, we aggregate the data, make it securely available for distribution, and provide you with evidence-based insights from your entire operation.  

About the Smart Store

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