Smart Integration Management

SIM collects and enriches data so the sorting system can send letters, parcels and even baggage items to the right location.

Improved automation and sorting

What is Smart Integration Management (SIM)

At the heart of the sorting operation, SIM collects and enriches data about letters and parcels, and sends answers with which the sorting system delivers the items to the right internal sorting locations. SIM improves both mail automation- and parcel automation sorting processes. Besides handling letters and parcels, SIM can also be used for (airport) baggage handling. The system is built on an open architecture and is a hardware- and vendor independent solution.



  • Open architecture
  • Hardware- and vendor independent
  • Collaborates with the most commonly used information- and production systems in each sorting IT landscape
  • Scriptable business logic
  • Highly scalable
  • Re-routing possibilities
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How it works


SIM collects and enriches data from cameras, OCR, MWS, barcode scanners, scales, VMS, hand scanners and other sources.


Scriptable business logic to flexibly control the sorting process and -strategy without having to modify the software every time.


Sends coding and/or sorting results to the sorting system, which uses these results to mechanically control the sorter.


Easy monitoring through a web-based dashboard.

About Smart Integration Management

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Open architecture

Smart Integration Management is built with a flexibility-first approach. That means that the system can cope with different sources, like preannouncement systems, and carry over the necessary steps for successful sorting. The system’s open architecture allows customers to leverage existing sorting plan managers if present or cover the functionality if absent. This pattern is echoed across the entire platform, allowing your company to maximize SIM’s value . Additionally, SIM includes a Process Monitor that enables your operators to manage real-time operations through a unified GUI.

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You can get more out of SIM if you extend it with the following solutions:

Smart Store: A parallel system that can save and analyze SIM images for further value, becoming a single hub for sharing images and unifying Machine Learning results for global operation insights.
Smart Analytics: Derive global insights from many local sorting centers and thoroughly understand your sorting process. How are my distribution centers performing? Can I discern which facilities are troublesome? Can I use data to drive better management decisions? These are questions that you can expect to answer with Smart Analytics.

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