Protection & Care Bolsters Tech Vigilance in Time for Peak Season

The holiday season is synonymous with heightened demands in the logistics sector. As timelines tighten and expectations soar, the role of robust technological backing becomes paramount.

As the logistics industry ramps up for its busiest quarter, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas frenzy, ensuring seamless operations carries even more weight than usual. Enter Protection & Care, offering assurance with 12,000 checks on hardware and software every few minutes. When downtime can mean massive losses and unsatisfied customers, our goal is to tackle incidents before they are even noticed.

The peak season means tremendous pressure for both fulfilment and tech companies. Our system’s comprehensive watchlist includes over 2,000 servers worldwide, diligently monitoring aspects like memory usage, CPU strain, and even real-time server-room temperatures. This intricate web of checks and balances has already slashed support ticket numbers, as a quarter of all potential incidents are nipped in the bud.

Protection & Care’s vigilance certainly is an asset during the busiest season but, of course, we provide our services year-round. And we are taking things a step further, laying the groundwork for preventative maintenance by 2025, based on our monitoring powers.

On the way to this goal, innovation doesn’t stop. We have recently adopted a next-gen monitoring package, optimally positioning us to oversee modern virtual spaces, be it AWS, Azure, or Kubernetes. The vision for 2025 is as vivid as it is ambitious: constant peak performance in the ever-evolving world of tech, ensuring that even in the busiest times, logistics businesses run like well-oiled machines.


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