Prime Vision supports Cleanup Delft in creating awareness for a cleaner environment

Prime Vision cares for her employees, the environment and the society. During our annual auction and raffle, we raised a large amount for charity. Prime Vision even doubled the amount.

The money will be divided between the Cleanup Delft Foundation and the Haarlem4Ukraine Foundation.

This week we had the honor to hand over an amount of EUR 4.270 to Mira and Angelique from the Cleanup Delft Foundation.

Every year, 50 million kilos of litter end up in canals, streets and parks. Cleanup Delft sets up actions with volunteers to do something about it.

Cleanup Delft: “The actions provide connection, togetherness and of course a clean city, but our goal is mainly: awareness. That we all take our responsibility. That we pay attention to what we buy. And what we throw away.”

And that’s where the money will be spent on. Because awareness cannot start early enough, Cleanup Delft has commissioned a picture book about a little fish with a belly full of plastic: ‘Blub has a tummy ache’. The book comes with a Blub Box containing materials to playfully tell the story at elementary schools.

Click here to read Mira’s and Angelique’s story and their actions for a better environment.

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