Prime Vision launches inaugural Sustainability report, paving the way for sustainable initiatives

We're proud to announce the launch of our Sustainability (ESG ) report, marking a pivotal milestone in our company's commitment to transparency and responsible business practices.

The report, structured around the three fundamental sustainability Pillars —Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG)—aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Prime Vision’s sustainability efforts. Under the pillars, we have meticulously detailed our actions in and prior to 2022, offering a glimpse into the initiatives and the quantification of our CO2 footprint during the past year. After investing some initial time to gather this data, we’ve established a robust foundation for expedited reporting in the years ahead.

“This report signifies the start of our formal journey in documenting and sharing our ESG performance,” stated Jitske de Vries, chairwoman of Prime Vision’s sustainability team. “It’s important to note that every inaugural effort comes with its learning curve. This report is a reflection of our commitment to learning, improving, and growing in our sustainability pursuits.”

The document underscores Prime Vision’s intent to consolidate all sustainability-related initiatives into a comprehensive strategy and roadmap. It outlines the company’s objectives for weaving together various sustainability efforts and charting a clear course toward a more eco-conscious and socially responsible future.

Looking ahead, the report provides a glimpse of what we have already been working on in 2023 and offers a glimpse into the roadmap for forthcoming years. Prime Vision is devoted to expanding its efforts, streamlining its environmental impact, and furthering its commitment to social welfare and robust governance practices.

Download the report here.

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