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A full suite of planned and response support options for every client and system around the globe.

24/7 support

Prime Vision solutions operate at the heart of mission-critical systems for organizations all over the world, often in situations where there is limited scope to handle the process manually. Consequently, you can be assured that Prime Vision solutions are built to be robust and fault-tolerant to keep your automation running smoothly.

For peace of mind, Prime Vision specialists are always on-hand for those times when for whatever reason things are not running so smoothly. This backup actually becomes more important to your business when you have a system with 99.99% uptime, as it is a challenge to build-up local support knowledge on systems that rarely fail. Prime Vision considers support a key differentiator in our business and invested in a full 24-7 support desk early on in our business development for absolute peace of mind. Prime Vision’s Support is available to all clients and in most cases will be online with the client system within 5 minutes of receiving a call offering immediate remote assistance. A complete range of additional support services is available for all hardware and software, preventative maintenance and extended service plans. Clients that use our systems can rely on the knowledge and experience of our support team to maintain their critical processes. In addition, you can always trust that your support is delivered by a full-time employed Prime Vision specialist that personally knows your system and site, rather than third-party engineers that don’t have the backup resources of the company.

The main starting point for Prime Vision 24/7 Support is the Support Desk; open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 

Proactive maintenance

24/7 support also means that we routinely connect to your site systems and ensures that all modules are operating correctly, to specification and at the necessary performance level established together with you. By means of secured remote access prime vision is able to detect issues before they impact your operation, most times even before the onsite team realise there is a problem. In addition, we also check statistics and log-files regularly for any inconsistencies. By performing on-site maintenance, we are able to take responsibility for all hardware and software that form part of your prime vision solution, including servers and camera systems. Whilst we are not a camera manufacturer, no one company in our industry has the breadth of camera experience that prime vision has. Our team have been factory-trained by all the leading camera suppliers to provide a full maintenance and repair service for the systems we build, including the optimum settings and calibration for high-performance ocr recognition as well as barcode reading, dimensioning and more. For you the client, one company takes responsibility for the complete identification and recognition platform. This yields the best possible images as input to our OCR software, as well as removing any scope for disagreement between different suppliers in a fault situation.

Evert Dam

is responsible for providing 24/7 support in his role as Lead Operational Control. With over five years of experience in ICT-support and a background in business economics, he has both business and technical insight. His enthusiasm aims to inspire his team to ensure excellent service delivery.

Together with several dedicated teams we strive towards providing our customers with the best possible service. Exceeding customer expectations is our goal, each day and – if necessary – at night also!

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