Innovation, drive and…coffee

Eddy Thans, CEO of Prime Vision and Isis Prummel, Nuna's PR officer, answer the questions: why is Prime Vision sponsoring the Nuna team and what are the benefits for both parties?

Prime Vision’s sponsorship of Nuna is about more than just money

Eddy: We got in touch in 2020 through an emergency call from the Nuna team, which was having a hard time finding sponsors during the corona period. There are a number of thoughts behind our decision to sponsor the Nuna team.
First, we really like the Nuna Teams because they stand for innovation and sustainability. Furthermore, we as a company were doing very well during covid and were concerned about Nuna’s financial difficulties. The fact that every year, Nuna is a very technical project also suits us, and besides all that, we are in the same town, we’re practically neighbors. And, a very important reason: the target group we want to recruit as a company is working on the Nuna.

Isis: We chose PV at the time because it is a Delft company with an innovative character. PV’s contributions allow us to use the latest technology in our cars. But it is indeed not only about money. The bond we now have with Prime Vision is very special. They are always there for us, for example at the start when PV set up a workspace for us that we were missing at that time.

Photo credits: Jorrit Lousberg and Hans-Peter van Velthoven
Technology and people

Eddy: I think one of the attractive things about the Nuna team is that they handle the sponsorship and the contact with their sponsors very professionally. For PV, that contact is precisely what is most important and not so much the amount of money we put in or whether our name is on the car. It’s about technology and people. The fact that we are very satisfied with the relationship is reflected, among other things, in the 3-year contract extension.

Isis: Another example of how nice the contact is: we have a coffee machine in our office that we got from PV. We drink a lot of coffee here and you see the PV sticker on the machine every time. And whenever we are at PV’s office, there is always Ilse (PV’s office manager, -red.), ready with another bag of coffee for us.

The fact that quite a few Nuna alumni are or have been interns at PV is also due to the close contact. PV and the Nuna teams share some of the same mindset: nothing is too crazy, we are both innovative and we dare to dream. The working method and out-of-the-box thinking are also parts of both PV and Nuna. Like PV, Nuna works with the Agile approach: our whole office is full of post-its. Furthermore, we are not very hierarchical. It’s cool if you can transfer a familiar way of working from the team to a working environment.

Beautiful initiatives

Isis: The enthusiasm for each other’s work leads to great initiatives. A number of Nuna people saw all kinds of demos during the opening of the PV-Innovation Center which sparked interest in getting to know exactly what PV solutions do in practice. This culminated, with the help of Femmie from HR, in a visit to the PostNL sorting center Den Hoorn.

Eddy: These students are cut from the same cloth as the people working at PV. They have a love of technology and work with common sense. They also have a winner’s mentality, a drive; some put their studies on hold for a year to work on Nuna. As Wubbo Ockels said at the start of the Nuna adventure: I only want to participate if we are going to win – that mentality is still there.

For PV, it is important that we have a long-term deal with Nuna. That way the team knows where it stands: we offer financial stability. And we very much want it to be a real partnership. 

Isis: Promoting our good partnership is very important to us. And besides that, we really like the fact that everyone is so enthusiastic. When we brought the Nuna-caps the other day, with the PV logo on them, people in the office immediately put them on!

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