Does Robotic Sorting align with your operational needs?

Win a complimentary Robotic Sorting demo!

Our customers use our robots to automate manual sorting tasks, sort non-machinable items, and seamlessly integrate them with various ASRS systems. Especially in times of labor scarcity, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) emerge as a solution for everyday tasks, showcasing remarkable flexibility and scalability. But how can you confidently determine if Robotic Sorting aligns with your operational needs?  

What if you could sample our robotic system and its specialized fleet management system? Beyond merely tracking the status of your robotic sorting fleet, it boasts the capability to simulate a cohort of robots navigating a newly designed floor plan. This functionality allows the assessment of key performance indicators (KPIs) even prior to hub implementation. Moreover, it streamlines the sorting process by identifying the ideal number of robots  to avoid congestion.

Win a complimentary Robotic Sorting simulation

During LogiMAT 2024, seize the chance to win a personalized Robotic Sorting simulation* suited to your unique requirements.

Participating is easy: stop by our booth 6D26 at LogiMAT in Stuttgart, complete the participation form, and we will randomly select one lucky winner at the end of the show.

* The simulation includes: 2D floor plan design of your sorting operation, 3D design and emulation of your sorting operation.


  • Only the initial simulation will be provided at no cost;
  • The idea should be feasible for our Robins;
  • Ideas can be submitted until 21st March.

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